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Due to Health Issues, online ordering is on hold.


  Saksa Daylily Farm was started in 2009 and we just finished our tenth summer selling daylilies at our Central Ohio daylily farm and offering daylily sales over the internet to customers across the United States.  We ship to our customer's door anywhere in the continental USA. 

  In May 2010 we both retired from our previous careers and moved all 150 of our daylily varieties from Delaware, Ohio to 5 acres in Centerburg, Ohio.  In June 2011,  Saksa Daylily Farm opened for its first season with a new daylily sales room and we now have over 900 daylily varieties.  We're a husband and wife team who enjoy flowers of all types, especially daylilies. We do all the buying, planting, digging, shipping and yes, weeding.  We want to make certain that our customers are treated fairly and that they have an enjoyable shopping experience whether shopping online, on the  phone, or at our farm.  Our daylily farm is licensed and inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to be free of daylily rust and other diseases.  

  Along with the daylily sales beds we have created other flower beds around our house incorporating perennials along with daylilies to illustrate the use of both in landscaping your home. 

  Our daylily farm is available for groups to come and enjoy the daylilies during July when the daylilies are blooming at their best.    Bev is available to give a presentation on "Gardening With Daylilies" for any group that needs a speaker

  We've received very favorable comments from those customers that have purchased daylilies from our Internet daylily sales and farm sales.  See our Reviews. We will again be offering the "order ahead" service.  If you'd like to place an online order and pick it up, we will dig and tag your daylilies and have them ready for pick up at a specified time. 

  Starting in 2020, daylily sales at our farm will be open on all Saturdays in July from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM and we always welcome visitors by appointment.  Give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you.


  Daylily internet orders are shipped beginning in May and continue through July. We want to make certain that our daylily plants are at their best when we ship them so your internet orders are dug the day before they are shipped and the roots are placed in water a few hours to get a good drink before they make their trip to your house, then dried overnight. Each plant is individually wrapped in newsprint paper. We monitor each shipment and may reach out to you if the shipment takes longer than 3 or 4 days to reach you. Some yellowing of the leaves is normal when the plants are out of the ground for more than 3 days but they will still grow when they are planted and watered. After 3 or 4 weeks in the ground, new growth should start to appear. Our plants are guaranteed for the first year so if you are ever not satisfied, please reach out to us so that we can either replace your plants or provide a refund. Daylilies generally take 3 years before they reach their full maturity so don't be alarmed if they aren't exactly like the website picture during the first couple years of being planted. 

We hope you enjoy your daylily shopping experience and we are always available to answer any questions that you may have.