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Customer Reviews

Hi am so happy with my purchases!  All three of them have stalks up and will bloom this year!  Karen from Missouri (June, 2017) - email entry
When I received my order a couple of weeks ago I was amazed at the number of fans in each division.  Today I discovered that one of my new daylilies has 2 bloom stems.  I am so pleased with my purchase. Thank you so much.  Can't wait to see the new blooms.  Mary from Missouri (June, 2017) - email entry
I just got back home to meet the daylilies. Wow, they are big (and I mean BIG), healthy, beautiful plants and I am so happy! Thank you so much throughout the ordering process, it was a great experience. I'll put them in the ground this weekend and look forward to them blooming next year!  R. M. from Pennsylvania (September, 2017) - email entry
Hi Tim, The plants are in the ground!! They arrived this morning &, as suggested, I let them soak before planting then gave them a good watering. Luckily their wrappings were still slightly damp. Though I've never seen daylilies that have been out of the ground for almost a week, the roots weren't withered & the fans looked as though they began as excellent stock. Thanks so much for keeping in contact with me as well as checking with the post office. I'm very pleased with your customer service & highly recommend you as someone with whom to do business. You may use me/ or above as a recommendation. Again, thanks for your concern! Elaine  Elaine from Wisconsin (September, 2015) - email entry (shipment was delayed by the post office) 

I want to tell you folks how delighted I am with the three daylilies I purchased from your farm.
Unlike daylilies I have purchased from other sources, these arrived in great condition with terrific roots and with simple planting instructions - not to mention a very, very modest price.
The daylilies were planted this morning (perfect timing since this is my last week off before returning to the classroom), and I look forward to these additions to our daylily gardens next summer.
Thanks Ed from Massachusetts (August, 2015) - email entry
Lavendar Blue arrived today. Many thanx for the speedy delivery. And, thank you for the generous 
clump. I've never seen such clean roots. You were so sweet to include the flower stalks. I've put
them in water in hope that I can see a flower. Lavendar Blue has been placed in a hole bigger than a basketball, about 18" in diameter. I filled the hole w/Miracle Gro garden soil w/fertilizer, stamped the soil down to fill any air pockets, then flooded it w/water. Lavendar Blue should be very happy
and have a good healthy start. Thank you again for your kindness. Liz from Pennsylvania (July, 2015) - email entry

In all my years of ordering on line I have never had such care and concern for the satisfaction of a customer. My order was late through no fault of the Saksa Daylily Farm, the post office seemed to
lose the order. Tim and Beverly have gone above and beyond to satisfy me since the daylilies did notlook their best. In this day and age of lack of customer care the Saksa's must have not gotten the
notice as they did just the opposite. They have a loyal customer for life. Thank you again.
ps: as of now the daylilies have recovered and some are putting on blooms.
Linda from Texas (May, 2015) - email entry

Received my plants today and as soon as I had them in the ground I sat down to place another order.  The large, healthy fans were great!  Thank you so much.  Rebecca from Ohio (May, 2015) - email entry

Hello, Beverly and Tim,
The plants arrived today and look great. They're going in the ground tonight. Thank you for the service and have a great summer! Nina from Pennsylvania (May, 2015) - email entry

Just wanted to let you know the package arrived safely.  I've inspected the plants and WOW - I was expecting nice plants - but these are beautiful.  They look so much better than any others I've ordered online.  I know where I'll be getting any ones I can't find locally from now on!  And fabulous timing on the shipment - we've got a cool, damp weekend with rain coming on Sunday and Monday, so I can get them in the ground tomorrow and let mother nature do the watering!  Thank you!  Theresa from Missouri (May, 2015) - email entry

I received my daylilies yesterday and immediately planted them. They are beautiful-in such great condition. Can't wait till they mature. I'll definitely buy from you again. Thanks!  Liz from Ohio (May, 2015) - email entry

Hi Beverly and Tim- Many thanks for the beautiful plants of Moses Fire you sent us. I know Stewart Oakes is going to be very happy with them. Hope to work with you again in the future and have a great season! take care   Paul from Tennessee (May, 2015) - email entry

Dear Beverly, Your daylilies arrived safely yesterday and were soaked and planted just a few hours later. They were in excellent condition and we are excited to see them bloom for us.
Many thanks for these beautiful additions to the gardens!  Edward from Connecticut (May, 2015) - email entry

Just used your new site and loved it. You made great improvements and I loved the print out with pictures. I did not have to go back and 
write down the colors. Way to go. Linda from Texas (Dec, 2014) - email entry

The new website looks awesome. I may need a refresher list of the ones I've already reserved for next year, so I can add a few! 
Edward from Rhode Island (Dec,2014) - email entry

What a great website.  So easy to navigate, so well organized.  I am a newbie to collecting day lilies, I will be ordering from your site...Hope to visit the farm too. - Marilyn (Dec,2014) - email entry

 "Today is the only soaking rain we have gotten locally this summer and my joints hurt, back is sore and my knees are creaking but your daylilies arrived and I already feel excited to get into the garden and play with the dirt.  Thank you once again for these wonderful divisions."  Denise from Massachusetts (2014) - email entry

"Great plants,,,thanks.  Highly recommend!!" Kevin from Ohio (2014) - email entry

"I just received my order and WOW! The fans are huge and healthy! You are very generous! I look forward to them blooming next year. Thank you so much and I'm sure I'll be ordering from you again and again."  Natanya from New Jersey (2014) - email entry

"I received my order today and have already planted them. The clumps look absolutely beautiful and appeared to be mature plants and roots were trimmed for shipping and each had 2-3 fans.  I had only ordered from mail-order catalogs previously and received small little plants about 1-2 tall with tiny little roots.  I wish I had known about your farm sooner, you have a lot more variety and your prices are also reasonable."  Jackie from New Mexico (2014) - email entry

"My daylilies arrived today.  Thank You for sending such beautiful plants.  I do appreciate it."  Marty from North Carolina (2014) - email entry

"The order arrive today and looks great!  NewsPaper was still lightly moist and the leaves were still green and subtle.  Very happy with this order from you AND your wonderful help getting the order to me days sooner than usual.  As I said before, I will spread the word about your good size plants and expert treatment of your customers.  Thank you so much."  Kathleen from Pennsylvania (2014) - email entry

"I am pleased with the plants you sent, thanks for the great offers!"  Jeff from Iowa (2014) - email entry

"First of all you sent so many extra fans and that was great and I appreciate it.  They were in good condition & a little water really perked them up.  I'm very satisfied with my daylilies and I thank you very much.  Hope you have a great day."  Sharon from California (2014) - email entry

"Hi,  Just to let you know, the plants arrived.  I just finished planting them and these were in excellent shape and nice sizes.  Looking forward to seeing the blooms.  Thank you again for great service."  Bob from Michigan (2014) - email entry

"As you said, arrived yesterday.  Fantastic as always!  In the ground this morning all comfy-cozy.  Thanks again!"  Michelle from Virginia (2014) - email entry

"WOW!!  Thank you so much for the outstanding plants - lots of extra fans."  Jan from Indiana (2014) - email entry

"Received the daylilies.  They look great!  Thank you very much.  Gotta go dig some holes."  Steve from Ohio (2014) - email entry

"Gorgeous daylilies!!!  Looking forward to visiting your farm this summer."  Mary from Ohio (2104) - email entry

"Absolutely the best.  Their day lilies are beautiful and arrive healthy and ready to plant.  Very hardy in the Las Vegas heat !!"  John from Nevada (2013) - Facebook entry

"Wonderful plants  I'm impressed  Quality product  do you have primal scream for sale"  Paul from Indiana (2013) - email entry

"Beverly,  Wow, what great service!  You dug and shipped the my daylilies on Monday (left Centerburg around 4:40 PM) and they arrived in my back yard around noon today (Tuesday).  I had just finished preparing the bed where I intended to plant some of them.  My mail carrier carried the package right to the edge of the bed and I had half of the lilies planted by 2 PM...will finish the rest tomorrow.  So, the lilies went from your beds to mine in less than 24 hours.  Thanks for the prompt attention to my order, the careful packaging and shipping and the quality of stock shipped.  I am most pleased with my order and look forward to enjoying the lilies in the years to come.  Best regards" 
Bernie from Ohio (2013) - email entry

"Great people!"  Rue from Florida (2013) - Facebook entry

"Best Daylilies shipped anywhere in the USA."  Mark from Ohio (2013) - Facebook

"What a GORGEOUS farm and such wonderfully kind people.  I can't wait to come back for more!  Heather from Ohio (2013) - Facebook entry

"I have enjoyed my day lilies so much this year...they have been gorgeous...and bloomed much longer than usual.  Hate to see them go for another season.  Sorry I did not make it over to your farm this summer.  I have posted some pictures on Pinterest and my facebook page too.  They are under the boards....Beautiful fleurs.....and Garden rooms and Garden Stuff on PInterest."  Sherry from Ohio (2013) - Facebook entry

"We really enjoyed ourselves at the open house today.  I can't wait to enjoy my new daylilies."

"The daylilies I ordered arrived in great shape and are now happily resting in the garden."  Barb from Ohio (2013) - Facebook entry

"We enjoyed our visit yesterday.  The daylilies we purchased were of great quality and I might have planted them last night in a light mist and at almost day:)  One of my favorite places to be is in the garden."  Karen from Ohio (2013) - Facebook entry

"I found the Saksa Daylily Farm on line and went there yesterday to find plants for my side yard.  The Saksas' provided me with a great selection of beautiful lilies which were dug and bagged for me on the spot.  It was obvious to me that they love what they do and take great pride in their business.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in the market for domestic day lilies."  Richard from Ohio (2013) - Facebook entry

"My daylilies arrived in good shape and generous size fans, and very quickly."  Laurie from Iowa (2013) - Facebook entry

"Due to my complete satisfaction with Saksa Farms last year, I looked forward to placing another order with you.  Thank you for the quick response and look forward to receiving my order after Memorial Day. 
They just arrived & are in great shape !!  Thanks again for exceptional service."  Barbara from Michigan (2013) - email entry

"I placed my first order with you on June 14th, was notified that it shipped on June 15th, daylilies were received and planted on June 18th and I had my first look at Irish Wedding Daylily on July 8th (beautiful).  You provided outstanding follow through service and the plants were large and healthy.  Will not hesitate to recommend Saksa Farms to friends and family.  I just placed another order and it's already on it's way - great work on your end to make me one of your satisfied/repeat customers.  Thank you! 
Barbara from Michigan (2012) - email entry

"Plants arrived in good shape.  They're already planted in the garden.  Thank you."  Maureen from Pennsylvania (2012) - email entry

"I got my daylilies and I'm delighted with the quality and size of the plants.  I've been busy planting.  Thank you."  Linda from Massachusetts (2012) - email entry